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Your vanity, table and stool will be your frequent companion as you prepare yourself for your day. Recreate an old world charm with modern day splendor. Resonating with a variety of styles, view old world inspired classic vanity tables and dress me up contemporary flavors within the following pages. Stainless steel, intricate detailed wood paneling and swooping legs are all part of these dress me up moments. Enjoy the view from the helm of any one of these sophisticated dreamlike creations.

Many movies and books that are period pieces feature vanities with large mirrors, vanity tables, and luxurious benches. Through time, this special woman-specific furniture modernized, though it still had the same functions of holding toiletries, jewelry, makeup, hair accessories, and other items. With the advent of modern counters and smaller bathrooms, fewer people used vanities.

But today, there has been a resurgence of vanities, mirrors, vanity tables, and their accompanying benches. More people are starting to focus on the bathroom or vanity area as a luxury and even an oasis of sorts from the stress of the day and the hurried pace of the world. For this reason, vanities, tables, and benches are becoming all the rage again, with some very ornate and antique vanities going for very high prices. Even special childrenís vanities are starting to become popular, as grooming and taking care of your body with the myriad of products on the market is now something that young children and especially teenagers are paying close attention to.

But just because old antiques are fetching high dollars does not mean you canít get a top-quality vanity, vanity table, or vanity bench for a great price. Here at Vanities on the Web, you can choose from many styles and makes at great, discounted prices. With our deals, everyone in your family can have their own vanity without breaking the bank. Our tables can be made of wrought iron or stainless steel if you like a metal look that takes very little maintenance. Or, you can go with one of the many wood choices--from a lighter birch to a darker mahogany. From pale woods to rich tones, our vanities and benches are sure to please.

You can order a very simple vanity and mirror combo with bench or go for a more ornate look, some of which have a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Detailed wood paneling, swooping metal legs, and handcrafted beauty will make you want to have dress-me-up moments. We are sure your young daughters will want those same moments too in front of their own vanities, as well!

The old-world style of vanities that are a favorite of antiques and history lovers will astound you with their beauty and craftsmanship. However, the contemporary look of our newer lines will look smooth, sleek, and innovative to the eye. We even have special benches with things like tassels, extra padding, ornate coverlets, and more.

Just in case you were wondering, vanities, mirrors, and benches are not just for women, children, and young ladies. They can also be for men. Grooming and appearance have become much more important in recent years for men that they were in the past. Catalogs, Internet sales, and spas are now offering lines of menís skin, hair care, and body products. Where better to store such items than in your new menís vanity that has drawers, a mirror for grooming, and a decidedly masculine feel to it? Men are rapidly becoming a large part of the customer database at Vanities on the Web.

Deep discounts and easy shipping terms mean we are THE place on the web to shop for mirrors, stools, benches, and anything related to vanities. We let you buy sets, the vanity table alone, the mirror alone, or any combination that you choose. Surf the site to see our great descriptions, detailed pictures, and hot prices that you wonít find anywhere else. We specialize only in vanity tables, mirrors, and anything related; we are the Internet experts for vanities.

Compare prices on our luxurious but inexpensive vanities and mirror sets and see why we are the fasted growing spot on the web to find everything for all your special dress up needs.